Collection & Drop Off

If you think that you are going to have difficulties getting your pet to us because your vehicle is off the road or you do not have the time we can easily come to you. We do ask that you give us plenty of notice as we still like to have the dogs/cats boarded before 4.00pm so that we do not cause any other disruptions to the other guests in the kennel blocks.

We will need to see a current vaccination certificate and will bring the necessary paperwork to complete.

A charge from
£10.00 is made per pick up or drop off, which will be added to your overall invoice when you collect your pet or if we are required to drop off your pet can be paid then. Please note that we accept Credit cards & Cash. We do not accept AMEX OR CHEQUES. We only accept cheque's for this service if we have known the customer for a long amount of time.

If a family member is ill and needs to go off to hospital we would be able to come out and collect their pet. If paperwork was not around we would call their vet to check everything is up to date.

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