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The Catotel

Opened May 2016.

Catotel started off in 2008 in the existing garage joined to the grooming parlour. Due to the overwhelming increase in grooming we decided to take the grooming room through and find a new location for the cattery. Block 3 Cattery, which acted as a backup to the Catotel is no more and is used to board smaller dogs.

The cattery containing 8 cat pens (one being a family suite up to 4 cats) has been built to the highest spec by our very own Matthew Peck who has worked at the kennels for over 2 years.

Along with the self contained kitchen each cat pen comprises of:

Internal Sleeping area, Heating panel (Thermostat controlled), Internal light. Bedding.

External area with view to left or right of the pen with shelf and bedding, External light.

Each cat pen’s internal door has a cat flap. So if your cat wishes to venture to the external run during the colder months they can do so knowing they can go back in to the warmth of the cat pen.

Selection of easy to clean plastic tables allowing your cat to make that easy jump from floor to table to sleeping shelf. With the long gangway leading to each cat pen and with views to the garden and bird feeders your cat will have a a nice comfortable stay.

We can supply everything for you but you are welcome to bring along your own bedding, blankets and food. If your cat needs medication while in our care please give us the instructions and we will administer while with us.

The price includes VAT, Bedding, Food, Heating. If more than one pet we will include a 12.5% sharing discount. Please note we will ask for a £50 NON Refundable deposit when booking with us but will be deducted from your final bill on departure.

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