Every kennel that is in use during the year will be cleaned first thing in the morning. Whilst you're pet is on the outside run waiting for its first walk of the day, the staff will sweep inside of the kennel using the parvovirucide chemicals. Then the staff will squeegee the kennel dry allowing your pet to come back inside for its breakfast. The staff will then go on the outside runs and repeat the process.

 As soon as a guest leaves Dogotel, we will again clean inside and outside including walls ready for our next guest.

We have plenty of procedures in place including some of the following

Fire Alarm Test
Unexpected Kennel repair (Not often)
Risk Assessment
Ongoing checks to secure the stay of your pet

Every January & February we are in a position to close down one block at a time consisting of 12 kennels to clean away the dust & cob webs then soda all the walls and repaint every kennel wall inside. This is an ongoing process throughout the whole year but allows us to shut down a block at a time and have a complete over haul. Repairs are a daily process here at the Dogotel and come with the job, which allows us to make sure that your pet has the best surroundings when boarding with us. Throughout April and May of each year we also repaint the whole of the outside runs. Due to being outside and having an open space we can paint an outside run of a kennel that may not be in use.

Set on an Acre
The owners & staff upkeep all the general surroundings, which include all external kennel buildings, main house, pruning, hedges, paddock, and front of property along the A148 and any other general painting or building work that is required. In the last 3 years the premises from a view point has been updated and kept on top of on a weekly basis, which has prompted customers to come in and look around. Darren says "
Yes it is hard work but it is always rewarding to see the final result"

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