Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I select a good Kennel / Cattery for my pets?
A: Start Early. The best kennels and catteries will be booked up weeks, or even months, in advance - particularly in the peak summer months. Come up with a set of standard questions, and phone each company in turn and compare their answers. At the same time, consider whether the responses were given in a friendly, courteous manner. Overall professionalism on the telephone often gives a good indication to their approach and work ethos.

Once you have a short list, go and visit the premises. There really is no substitute for you seeing things for yourself. At The Dogotel we want you to visit us. We only ask that you visit when we are not tending to the animals. You are welcome to call, without an appointment between 10am and 3pm 7 days a week.

Q: Can I bring my pets personal bedding?
A: We provide all pets with a raised bed, but we are happy for you to bring items that are familiar to your pet. Please note however we can not guarantee their safe return should your pet damage them.

Q: Is someone there to take care of the pets in the evenings or weekends and on holidays when you are not open?
A: We live on the premises and have staff available to tend our canine and feline guests 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Q: Can I bring toys and treats for my pet?
A: Yes we encourage you to bring toys and treats for your pet. Please use some discretion in selecting toys. Again, we can not guarantee their safe return should your pet damage them.

Q: Do I need to bring my pet's own food?
A: No, we provide top quality branded food to feed your pets. However, we are happy for you to bring your special food if required.

Q: Do I have to have the kennel cough vaccination to stay with you?

A: We highly recommend the kennel cough vaccine but we don’t insist on it. Kennel cough is an air bourne virus and is bought into the kennels. Even with the vaccine jab your dog can still get the virus. If your dog is vaccinated against the virus and we have a sudden out break of kennel cough we will be able to cover veterinary costs under our insurance. If your pet is not covered by the vaccine and we have an outbreak we will not be able to cover costs.
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Q: Are the boarding kennels heated?
A: Yes, both our kennels and catteries are centrally heated.
Your pets will stay very comfortable no matter what the outside temperature or weather is like.

Q: Can my two or more cats share a pen?
A: Yes, if they get along fine, we would encourage you to board your two cats together.

Q: I have two or more dogs. Can they stay together?
A: Yes, our dog facilities are very large. As long as your dogs get along together, they may share the same kennel.

Q: My dog may not go to the toilet during exercise. Will this be a problem?
A: No, this is not a problem. Normally dogs go to the toilet in our exercise field.
Kennels are checked regularly to remove any 'slip-ups'.

Q: What if there is an emergency medical problem?
A: We have developed close links with several excellent veterinarians in very close proximity to Dogotel. Should any emergency occur then we will call out our vet straight away. The majority of vet costs are covered by our insurance, so normally, no fees will be passed to you for payment. We assure you that your pets will receive the best attention available. Medication can also be administered.

Q: What must I bring with me when checking in my pet?
A: The most important item is proof of current vaccinations from your vet. If we can not confirm that your pet is current on all vaccinations, we will not allow your pet to enter our boarding facilities.

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